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Our online store came to be simply because of the lack of retail stores that sell orthopedic shoes and foot care products. Dr. Jeffrey Hurless, a board-certified podiatrist and foot/ankle surgeon in Thousand Oaks, California, often prescribes custom orthotics for his patients. In 2003, he was faced with a continuing problem - patients had a difficult time finding shoes to fit their custom orthotics. He wasn't aware of stores that sold orthopedic shoes.

Dr. Hurless spoke about this problem with his wife, Jennifer, who then came up with a solution - create a web site featuring orthopedic, therapeutic and diabetic shoes for men, women and children that accommodate custom orthotics. The next day, Jennifer called her retired, executive father to discuss how she could proceed with the online business. Their conversation resulted in him joining her new business efforts and the web site was born.

This family-owned and operated business started in a garage in San Diego. Business rapidly picked up once orthopedic shoe brands took notice of HealthyFeetStore.com. Several rooms were transformed into offices and the garage became the warehouse. In 2007, HealthyFeetStore.com moved into their first warehouse and office.

Today, Healthy Feet Store, LLC is a rapidly growing e-commerce company based in Walpole, MA. Dr. Hurless remains the medical director and oversees all products up for consideration to add to the online store. His goal is to ensure their orthopedic and therapeutic value to our customers and his patients. Our buyers continually search for new and better products to serve our customers' needs. We know how difficult it is to find high-quality, medical-grade foot care products Ö that's why we do all of the searching and testing for you.

The unique benefit of shopping at HealthyFeetStore.com is that we provide doctor-recommended products, detailed information about those products and useful foot health facts. Our mission hasnít changed throughout the years. We take pride in explaining the orthopedic and therapeutic value in all of our shoes and foot care products. We know we are filling a need for doctors and people alike.

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Although Dr. Hurless cannot treat, diagnose or comment on any symptoms or condition you may specifically have, you may contact the doctor at doc@healthyfeetstore.com. for general podiatric information or information on products he recommends to his own patients.

If you reside in Southern California and you would like to make an appointment with Dr. Hurless, please call his office at 1.805.496.2383. He will not accept questions on his office line. His office is located at 425 Haaland Dr. Suite 210 Thousand Oaks, CA 91361.


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