Arch Supports & Orthotic Insoles for Comfort and Foot Pain Relief

Prevent or Treat Heel Pain, Arch Pain, and Ball of Foot Pain

Sold as single insole

Arch supports, orthotic insoles, heel pads, and other shoe inserts provide first-line therapy for arch and heel pain, plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, and other foot problems that stem from not having enough orthopedic support when you walk or stand. Arch supports and orthotic insoles are more affordable than custom orthotics and very popular with patients with mild to moderate foot pain. (Your podiatrist can advise you of whether a custom orthotic or arch support would be more appropriate for your foot condition.) They also work well for people who are simply trying to prevent developing foot problems down the road. To treat and prevent foot pain we recommend wearing quality orthopedic shoes that offer support and stability through the arch. We also sell a variety of kids' arch support insoles to promote healthy, growing feet.