Arthritis Shoes For Men

Why Arthritis Shoes Can Help

In our selection of arthritis shoes for men we carry a variety brands and shoes constructed of various high quality materials like genuine leather. These shoes have built-in technology that can provide solutions for many common foot ailments such as high arches, bunions and overpronation, in addition to foot pain.

On their own, arthritis shoes are able to help alleviate common foot problems from causing further discomfort. Of course, anyone who suffers from arthritis is likely to have personal casted insoles prescribed by their podiatrist or a similar healthcare professional. Arthritis shoes are not a substitute for personalized professional medical treatment. They are designed to enhance and work with your existing treatment plan.

Unlike regular shoes, arthritis shoes are designed to accommodate prescription insoles or custom orthotics. Some brands even offer different versions of certain shoes to better accommodate specific types of orthotics.

How Do Arthritis Shoes Provide Relief?

In essence, arthritis shoes are sophisticated shock absorbers. When arthritis sets in, the cartilage in the feet begins to deteriorate which can lead to pain and other foot problems. Arthritis shoes offer extra cushioning and arch support, among other things, to lessen the stress of walking and movement in general on the feet. Arthritis shoes tend have different features that provide specific support for specific types of arthritis. For instance, a shoe designed for sufferers of rheumatoid arthritis will have a roomier fit and will offer more foot support over cushioning.

Arthritis Shoes For All Occasions

Many people mistakenly believe arthritis shoes are only available in clunky, unfashionable styles that are only really appropriate for athletics. And while we do stock plenty of stylish athletic arthritis shoes, at Healthy Feet Store you will also find a selection of dress shoes, sandals, casual shoes, work shoes and boots. The arthritis "version" of these styles look no different in appearance than the standard version of these styles.