Socks for Diabetics

Diabetic socks play an important role in diabetic foot care. Unfortunately, diabetic foot problems can occur if the wrong types of socks are worn; so it's vital that diabetics pay extra attention to the type of socks they wear. Diabetics should not settle for cheaply made socks that are not designed with diabetics in mind because they can be harmful due to the poor materials used when manufacturing. Many store bought socks fall into this category. They're usually made of 100% cotton, which can get abrasive when wet; and they can be made with harsh terry loop stitching that can cause pulling - this could lead to harmful irritations.

Below you'll find diabetic socks that come with seamless designs, have extra padding and cushion along sensitive areas of the foot to reduce friction, provide antifungal and antibacterial features, offer light or no compression, and have non binding tops. Keep in mind that women's diabetic socks and diabetic men's socks are sometimes offered as unisex styles.

Looking for a different pair of socks? Health socks and compression socks are also available.