Our Guarantee

All products supplied by HealthyFeetStore.com are guaranteed to be free of manufacturer or material defects. There are no expressed warranties regarding expected product life or fitness of product for certain medical conditions. Most products will experience some normal wear and tear during the productís normal life cycle. All fabric materials, especially elastics and adjustable hook and loop closure strap, eventually lose their function over time with repeated use. This varies greatly depending on the conditions in which the product is worn and how the care instructions are followed.

If you have questions about normal wear and tear versus defective merchandise, please read our full Warranty Policy.

If there is ever a question about treating any medical conditions, we recommend you consult your podiatrist. The information contained in this site is for education only and not intended for self-diagnosis or treatment. If you have any persistent pain, discomfort, inflammation or swelling please consult your podiatrist.