Men's Bunion Shoes

To find the best men's shoes for bunions it's important to consider how bunions are formed and how they impact the body. Not all men will experience the same symptoms or have bunions in the same area of their feet. Bunion shoes attempt to relieve and manage symptoms associated with developing bunions.

What is a Bunion?

A bunion is a painful deformity (usually a bump) that forms at the joint where your big toe connects to the rest of your foot. It consists of misshaped bony material. The skin over and around the bunion is usually very sore and red.

How Does a Bunion Form?

A bunion is formed by excessive pressure constricting the toe area that forces the big toe to against the second toe. This repeated force pushes out the joint of the big toe causing it too protrude and for the skin to become inflamed and painful. Common symptoms include a big bump around the base of the toe, persistent and intermittent pain, the formation of thicker skin around the base of the toe, corns on the second toe, and limited movement in the toe.

Pointed toe shoes, uneven stress on the foot and wearing shoes that are too small are believed to be the most prevalent causes of bunions. However, bunions can also have a genetic origin where the position of the joint and the supportive bones are just more likely to form bunions.

Stylish and Functional Bunion Shoes For Men

Bunion shoes and stretch shoes offer extra accommodation for the toe area in the shoe. This means no rubbing or squishing of the toes to irritate the swollen skin and the painful joint. Wearing bunion shoes can make walking and even running manageable activities.

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