Men's Diabetic Shoes & Boots

When it comes to footwear style, men don't have to be left out when shopping for diabetic shoes, and Healthy Feet Store offers a wide array of diabetic shoes for men to complement their active lifestyles. Men who are dealing with diabetic neuropathy, poor circulation or nerve damage and are at increased risk in their feet need footwear that help them protect their sensitive feet against wounds. An ill-fitting shoe can lead to an ulcer that can develop under the foot in just a few hours. The proper orthopedic diabetic footwear can prevent complications, which can include ulcers, calluses and strain which can ultimately lead to amputation.

We offer wound care and post-operative shoes for diabetics. For active lifestyles, we also carry a complete line of dress shoes, work shoes, boots, and other diabetic footwear that can help diabetics lead full and active lives while still protecting their feet.

Healthy Feet Store offers a wide selection of diabetic shoes for men in popular, podiatrist-respected brands like Aetrex, Brooks, Darco, Drew, New Balance, Orthofeet, p.w. minor, Sockwell, among others.

Many styles also feature a removable insole can be used for cushion or replaced by your custom orthotic. This is an important feature for diabetic shoes, as many diabetics must wear a shoe that includes a removable orthotic, such as a shot insert, arch support, lift, wedge or heel.

Our diabetic shoes work with customized inserts that can work together as a preventive system to help diabetic men prevent foot issues from developing and improving their mobility and lifestyle.

Our online shopping experience is convenient, safe and secure. Shipping is never a worry. Returns and exchanges are handled for free. With Healthy Feet Store, men can find diabetic footwear to protect their feet and maintain their active lifestyle.