Athletic Walking Shoes and Motion Control Running Shoes with Orthopedic Features offers a grand variety of athletic walking shoes and motion control running shoes that will keep your feet healthy and comfortable throughout your walks and fitness workouts. We understand that when it comes to exercise and physical activity, shoes play an important role in determining your overall performance and comfort level. That's why we carry only the best athletic walking shoes and motion control running shoes designed by the best brands in the market such as Brooks, New Balance and Aetrex. All of our athletic shoes are podiatrist approved and made with top quality materials to accommodate our most active customers. We carry men's and women's athletic shoes in various styles, sizes and widths (narrow to 6E). We have athletic walking shoes with hook and loop closures for easier wear and motion control running shoes that provide exceptional arch support and heel stabilization for pronation control. All of our athletic walking shoes and motion control running shoes come with removable footbeds to accommodate arch support inserts or custom orthotics.

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Athletic Shoes: What Features Make Them Healthy to Wear

Not all athletic shoes are healthy to wear. We recommend doing research before purchasing a pair of athletic walking shoes or motion control running shoes because wearing the wrong types of athletic shoes can really harm your feet. If your athletic walking shoes lack the proper arch support, you could very well experience arch pain and heel pain; or if your motion control running shoes don't come with an upper design that includes breathable materials, you could experience foot problems such as Athlete's Foot or toenail fungus due to moisture build up.

Athletic walking shoes and motion control running shoes should have all, or at least some, of the features listed below.

  • Breathable Upper: Synthetic/microfiber mesh or leather materials allow feet to breathe so that they stay dry and fresh. Shoes that trap in moisture are breeding grounds for fungi and bacteria, which could cause Athlete's Foot or toenail fungus.

  • Toebox Size: The toebox should be roomy enough to accommodate the toes but not big enough to cause them to constantly bang against it. As we exercise, feet swell a bit and toes need the extra room to expand. If the toebox is too small, toes get crumpled, which could cause overlapping toes.

  • Secure Closure: Adjustable hook and loop straps and lace up designs keep shoes securely on feet.

  • Padded Tongue and Collar: Having a padded tongue not only keeps the foot in place, but also cushions the foot in the closure area. A cushioning collar provides comfort at the ankle.

  • Arch Support and Heel Cup: A midsole design with arch support and a heel cup prevents pronation and supination by providing proper support along the arches and stability at the heel. These features provide the body proper alignment and balance, which reduces stress in joints and muscles.

  • Removable Footbed: By having a removable footbed, arch support inserts and custom orthotics can be worn. Keep in mind that most athletic shoes have insoles that are supposed to be replaced with better made orthotics.

  • Midsole Design: The midsole should be flexible, long-lasting and cushioned. Constant contact on hard flat surfaces can harm the feet and the midsole should provide shock absorption to reduce impact.

  • Firm Heel Counter: Having stability at the heel increases overall support, pronation control and keeps the back of the foot from moving around in the shoe, which could also help prevent calluses and bunions from forming at the heel.

  • Durable Outsole: Outsoles made with strong, yet flexible materials such as PU and EVA provide longer wear.

Please note: If you're a diabetic or suffer from some other medical condition, we recommend consulting with a health professional to discuss which types of athletic shoes are best to wear.

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