Orthopedic Health Socks

Orthopedic socks are dramatically different than the cheaply made socks found at local department stores because they are healthier for your feet. Cheaply made socks can cause harm to feet due to the fact that they are made with poor materials that donít wick moisture away; plus poor materials could cause socks to fit improperly and bunch in shoes. All of these features can result in foot problems such as athlete's foot, bad foot odor, and blisters.

Healthy socks are manufactured with various features to enhance the health of feet: moisture-wicking capabilities, extra padding and cushioning, anatomical designs to provide an optimal fit, and durable lightweight synthetic fibers used as materials are just some of the benefits provided by orthopedic socks. Healthy socks are manufactured in a variety of styles, from athletic low cut socks, to uniform work socks that are soft yet resilient. Below you'll find athletic socks, dress socks, work socks, walking socks, and socks for everyday use that are podiatrist approved and healthy for your feet.

Please note: If you suffer from diabetic foot problems or edema (swollen feet), please contact a foot care specialist to determine the right type diabetic socks and compression hosiery to wear.