Pedi Couture Sandals

These stylish toe alignment sandals can improve your foot health, comfort and balance, all while being the perfect pedicure enhancement accessory. Pedi Couture Sandals will keep your toes separated and straight, to reduce foot pains and ease the pedicure process. Available in many fun and colorful patterns, the Pedi Couture Sandals are functional, versatile and convenient.

Chic Meets Therapeutic

You will not be disappointed with the quality, comfort or look of Pedi Couture Sandals. Padded, hand-sewn toe separators will gently stretch out your toes. The non-abrasive uppers available in terry, faux fur, lycra and satin fabrics are comfortable and soft. Pedi Couture Sandals are non-toxic and are built with durable EVA rubber soles that provide traction.

Multitude of Uses

Pamper and care for your feet like never before. Pedi Couture Sandals make it easy and convenient to reduce foot pain and prevent toe deformities. The toe alignment design keeps toes separated and straight, which can improve overall balance, stability, weight distribution and blood circulation. Also, Pedi Couture Sandals can relieve pain from foot ailments, including bunions, hammertoes, Plantar Fasciitis, calluses, neuromas and swollen feet. Slip on these toe alignment sandals when relaxing at home, getting/giving yourself a pedicure, after wearing high heels or before practicing yoga. Your feet will thank you.