Sebago Shoes

Sebago Boat Shoes and Nautical Lifestyle.

Sebago Shoes and Lifestyle.

Nautically inspired and classically designed, Sebago shoes are handcrafted and manufactured to be the finest shoes you'll ever wear on land or at sea. Sebago is a proud brand that keeps tradition alive. Each Sebago shoe is expertly made, whether they're handsewn by professional cobblers or strobel constructed. Sebago's attention to detail and professional craftsmanship are reasons why their shoes are hardwearing, comfortable, and fashionable. New England and the waters that border its region serve as the inspiration that has helped originate Sebago footwear. Sebago was founded in 1946 and has been delivering genuine, handcrafted, performance footwear ever since. Their first shoe was a hand-sewn penny loafer that was made with the company's patented welt construction and styled after the Indian moccasin design. Sebago shoes can easily be described as timeless New England footwear that combines classic tradition with modern style.