Birkenstock Eco-Friendly Sandals

Medical Quality Arch & Heel Support in a Socially Responsible Sandal

Birkenstock is committed to incorporating the green credo of recycle, reduce, and reuse into all stages of their sandal manufacturing process. Birkenstock has partnered with the wine industry to obtain cork leftover from the bottle cork making process to reduce waste. Birkenstock factories use radiant heat from the sandal production process to generate electricity thereby reducing their carbon footprint. Even after the sandal making process is over Birkenstock still makes an effort to reduce what they have to throw away by saving their excess materials and channeling them into other projects such as school playgrounds, sport fields, and sound barriers along highways. Making greener choices, living sustainably, and being more environmentally conscious all seem like very progressive, cutting edge concepts for Americans right now; but they're nothing new for Birkenstock.

Birkenstock Walking Sandals

Here at we have kind of a tense relationship with the term "walking sandal." Customers rave about how comfortable it is to walk in a particular orthopedic sandal and we always have the same reaction:

"What about the ankle support you get from having a firm heel counter? What about the stability of the footbed's position in relation to the foot? What about the possibility of getting pebbles beneath your feet or stubbing a toe? At least walk in a closed heel sandal. It's dangerous out there!"

So you know that when we tell you that we consider Birkenstock sandals to be walking sandals that we're serious about the claim. Birkenstock sandals have been a favorite among urban hikers for years for one simple reason: they're really comfortable to walk in. As always the secret is in the footbed. Anatomically designed to fit your foot's natural contours, Birkenstock sandals provide better than barefoot comfort that is a pleasure to walk in. Just be sure you switch to a supportive athletic shoe when the terrain gets rocky. We wouldn't be a podiatrist approved site if we didn't tell you that.