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Kumfs is now Ziera. Please click on the link below to see the current available styles.
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Designed for Style, Engineered for Comfort, & Created with Orthotic Wearers in Mind

The Kumfs Comfort Shoe Company was founded in 1933 by New Zealand podiatrist, Mervyn Adams and his brother, David Robertson. Like many podiatrists, Adams was disturbed by the number of female patients who visited his practice for treatment for foot conditions caused by unhealthy and uncomfortable footwear. Responding to what he saw as an unacceptable lack of healthy, orthopedic choices in women's fashion shoes, Adams set about to create the perfect women's orthopedic dress shoe. Along the way he measured over 10,000 of his patientís feet and created several anatomical shoe lasts in a variety of widths. From these lasts he created a collection of women's shoes that provided unparalleled comfort, built-in arch support, and a uniquely perfect fit. Kumfs were an instant success, first in New Zealand and then in Australia and America. Over the years the Kumfs reputation for making stylish, high quality women's orthopedic shoes has only grown.

Kumfs Fashionable Orthotic Friendly Footwear

Kumfs shoes and sandals are supportive, comfortable, and adjustable on the inside; and Gorgeous on the outside. Donít be surprised if these orthotic friendly orthopedic dress shoes look entirely too fashionable to be therapeutic footwear. Twice a year, Kumfs sends their shoe designers to European shoe shows to observe Haute Couture in action. By staying abreast of the latest soon-to-be popular fashion trends, shoe designers at Kumfs consistently create beautiful styles that are fun, modern, and sophisticated. As a company founded by podiatrists, the Kumfs commitment has always been and will always be to produce stylish, high quality shoes and sandals that accommodate the needs of custom orthotics wearers, prevent foot pain, and preserve foot health. To ensure that this promise is fulfilled, Kumfs has developed a special in-house testing laboratory to ensure an exceptionally healthy fit that minimizes pressure points in the interior of each handmade shoe. The natural leather that each shoe is constructed from undergoes no less than 13 different tests to ensure its softness and durability before it reaches a store shelf or touches a foot.

Kumfs Ė Made in New Zealand & Worn Around the World

Over the years the Kumfs reputation for making women's shoes in an impressive range of colors, styles, widths, and sizes has earned the respect of the medical and fashion community alike. Kumfs currently enjoys the honor of being the most podiatrist recommended shoe brand in New Zealand and Australia. After Kumfs made its official U.S. debut in 2006 at the World Shoe Associates (WSA) fair in Las Vegas, Kumfs quickly became a sensation in the states. Today Kumfs shoes and sandals are carried by over 350 vendors around the world and international demand continues to grow.

If you love Kumfs, you will love Kumfs' new brand Ziera. Click the link below to go to the Ziera Shoes page and browse their fashionable, comfortable women's shoes.