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What if you could combine the comfort of an orthotic arch support insole and the convenience of a flip flop? What if you could get the support and biomechanical correction you need in an easy breezy summer sandal design that you could even take to the beach? You can! Moszkito Arch Support Flips Flops and Sandals have all of these features and more! At one point Moszkito Healthy Flip Flops and Slides were only available to the medical community, but thanks to the enthusiastic support of doctors and patients, Moszkito has decided to expand their sales to the general public. Moszkito Arch Support Thong and Slide Sandals are podiatrist recommended to prevent over-pronation, arch pain, and certain types of back pain, heel pain, and ankle pain.

All Moszkito arch support flip flops, sandals, slippers and shoes ship free! If the Moszkito flip flop, shoe, sandal or slipper you would like to purchase is under $75.00, please enter coupon code moszkito upon checkout to receive your free ground shipping discount. *Free shipping offer does not include clearance or sale sandals

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The Problem with Ordinary Flip Flops

Although the medical and footwear experts at Moszkito have worked diligently to design and manufacture a healthy flip flop that actively prevents foot pain, most off-brand flip flops sold in stores are very unhealthy for feet. The problem with ordinary flip flops is that they're flimsy and not anatomically correct for your feet. "Drugstore flip flops" have been receiving a lot of well-deserved negative press lately. You may already be aware of the health concerns, but we'll list a few for those of you who haven't been following the dialog.

The flat, smooth footbed of unhealthy flip flops is traumatic for feet because it requires your toes to clench as you walk to keep the flip flops from slipping off. Another problem with non-therapeutic flip flops is that they provide almost no cushioning and shock absorption, so your foot practically slaps against the pavement with every step. This can lead to heel pain at the strike zone because feet aren't designed to cope with hard, unyielding surfaces such as sidewalks, linoleum, and concrete. Over-pronation, or the tendency of the heel bone to angle inward, can also be a concern in flip flops that provide no arch support or contouring of the footbed. While some pronation of the foot is normal, untreated over-pronation can lead to ankle pain, flat feet, and plantar fasciitis.

Arch Support & Pronation Control - The Extraordinary Moszkito Flip Flop Solution

What makes Moszkito flip flops different from the average "drugstore flip flop"? For starters the footwear experts at Moszkito understand how feet are shaped and what feet need to stay healthy. Moszkito flip flops and slides are made using rubber EVA; a durable, flexible, and highly shock absorbent material. Every Moszkito sandal features a sixteen millimeter high built-in arch support to control pronation and provide improved support to not only the arch, but also the ball of the foot. When you hold a Moszkito flip flop it becomes clear that this is not your average cheap, summer sandal. Because of the quality and durability of the material, a Mozskito flip flop cannot be simply folded in half like an ordinary flip flop. While not perfectly rigid, there is a definite solidity and firmness to the Moszkito footbed. A Moszkito sandal does not lose its shape when confronted with external stresses. The durable, progressive compression design of Moszkito sandals provides the biomechanical correction and support that feet crave to prevent fatigue and discomfort. The experience of wearing a Moszkito flip flop or slide is energizing, comfortable, and foot health preserving.

By design flip flops and slides expose a lot of skin. If your feet are wounded, injured, diabetic, or very sensitive, recommends you consult a doctor before wearing any open-toe sandal.