Ziera Shoes

"Beautiful Inside, Beautiful Outside."

Imagine a brand that whole-heartedly believes that comfort combined with fashion creates a bliss that every woman should experience. That is Ziera's mission. Ziera's spirit reflects the idea that inner beauty reflects our outer beauty. They understand that foot comfort plays a major role in a woman's quality of life and style, so they produce beautifully comfortable shoes that will entice all women. Ziera shoes' unique Soft Journey® cushioned footbeds will make you feel like you are walking on air. The shoes' high-quality materials and European-influenced designs make them more desirable than most other orthopedic shoes. Ziera invites you to feel the bliss they have made with their chic and exceptionally comfortable women’s shoes. Ziera shoes: Welcome to a new era in loving your feet.

Ziera shoes feature the Soft Journey® comfort technology footbed that will make the wearer feel as though she is walking on air. The Soft Journey® comfort technology begins with a soft leather layer that wicks moisture and increases foot grip. A dual-density Poron® layer is soft, shock-absorbing, light and very cushioning. Heel inserts made from Technogel® provide shock absorption at the heel. Ziera shoes' Soft Journey® is completed by extra contouring support and a firm, stabilizing cradle. Discover shoes that can eliminate foot pain and enhance your fashionable look.

"A new era of Kumfs. A new era in loving your feet."

Ziera shoes are beautiful, blissful styles that are designed to keep women looking and feeling fabulous. Ziera is a family-owned shoe company in New Zealand that distributes their shoes across New Zealand, Australia and the U.S. Formally Kumfs, Ziera re-branded themselves in 2010. Kumfs was a shoe manufacturing company that began in 1933 by two brothers-in-law who were podiatrists and saw the need to produce comfortable, stylish shoes for women.

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