Spira Running, Walking, and Dress Shoes with WaveSpringŪ Technology

Spira has revolutionized the functionality of footwear by incorporating a unique energy return design into their shoes - the WaveSpring® technology. This design feature consists of a lightweight, compact WaveSpring, which according to testing done in 2001 by Michigan State University, produces 87% - 96% of energy return. This helps reduce stress on the body and minimizes recovery time. The WaveSpring® technology allows wearers to participate for longer periods of time in physical activities because the design helps them recycle their own energy! This technology works so well that the USATF (the United States' governing body for Track and Field) has a rule that bans Spira shoes for competition. Besides the WaveSpring® technology, Spira shoes are quality made and come with features that will maximize shock absorption, enhance breathability and mid-foot support, and provide torsional stability for better control.

Spira WaveSpring® Technology Videos

Spira Shoe Designs with WaveSpring® Technology

WaveSpring Technology in Athletic and Dress Shoes