Women's Plantar Fasciitis Shoes

For women, combining style and comfort in orthopedic shoes can be a challenge, particularly when dealing with conditions such as plantar fasciitis.

Women with plantar fasciitis can experience pain in the heel. As the foot's arch starts to collapse, the plantar fascia band, which runs from the heel and fans out to each of the toes, stretches and tiny tears can develop. In its early stages, plantar fasciitis can be treated by the use of a night splint as well as orthopedic shoes with adequate support as well as arch supporting insoles or inserts.

We offer women's shoes for plantar fasciitis that offer support to the heel and arch to ease foot pain. The combination of a supportive orthopedic shoe and footbed or insole with good arch support are key in successfully treating plantar fasciitis. The best orthopedic shoes for women with plantar fasciitis also feature firm heel counters, closed heels, minimal midsole torquing, and flexion only at the toe box. They also feature a secure closure system.

Healthy Feet Store offers a range of orthopedic shoe styles and brands for women. We offer shoes in a range of styles that also provide comfort from painful issues, including plantar fasciitis. Brands include Vionic, Comfortrite, Orthofeet, Drew, Brooks, Klogs, Apex, New Balance and Aravon. Styles include athletic, dress and casual shoes. We also carry slippers to provide comfort at home. Many styles also feature a removable insole can be used for cushion or replaced by your custom orthotic.

Plantar Fasciitis is a pain but shopping for the right pair of shoes doesn't have to be. Healthy Feet Store can make shopping for shoes online a pleasing experience. Our website also features free shipping and exchanges to ensure a pleasant experience from start to finish.