Woundcare and Post Operative Shoes for Men

Ensure your post-operative healing and woundcare goes smoothly with protective post op shoes for men and boots for woundcare. Traumatic foot and ankle injuries can require extensive and supportive care for the best recovery possible. Investing in a woundcare shoe or a post op shoe can provide ample protection and keep the healing process on track.

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Boots or Shoes?

Your doctor will recommend one or the other depending on your injuries. At Healthy Feet Store we have a selection of closed toed boots, open toe boots and shoes in similar styles. Some woundcare post-operative footwear is design to provide protection and shielding, while other footwear it more appropriate for offering structure and support so that your foot or ankle heals in the correct position. This type of footwear can also provide pain relief and alleviate pressure from regular daily tasks like walking and standing.

Parts of a Good Woundcare or Post-Operative System

An effective boot will promote circulation for fast healing. It should achieve a balance between providing support through a rigid support structure and allowing enough flexibility so that the user can adjust the boot to find the most comfortable fit.

Ideally, a woundcare shoe or a post op shoe will offer slip-resistant outsoles, an adjustable and semi-rigid insole, extra padding and high quality uppers.

In the Healthy Feet Store collection, there are various styles of boots to consider depending on your needs. Classic surgical shoes and cast boots tend to have a more obvious medical look about them, so if blending is a concern this style of boot should be avoided if possible. We have many styles available that have minimal visual impact and look very similar to regular shoes. Our post-operative sandals in particular have no identifying marks. We have laced and shoes with straps that also have a very low key appearance.