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Alegria Shoes

Alegria shoes are more than just adorable to look at, they encompass many design elements that categorize them as healthy shoes. One major feature that really makes Alegria shoes stand out from the rest is the rocker outsole design. Not only does the outsole offer stability because it's sturdy and flat, it rolls naturally forward with each new step to decrease pressure in the heel and metatarsal area. This motion encourages the wearer to maintain a healthy posture and take strides with a normal gait. The lasting impact is felt throughout the body and the joints, not just the feet.
Alegria shoes come with a leather insole that serves various functions: it's made out of padded leather to discourage the buildup of moisture, it can be removed to accommodate custom orthotics, and it is anatomically corrected to take the natural shape of the foot for added comfort. No two feet are the same, so this last feature is ideal because it accommodates all foot types. Alegria shoes even have extra depth for a more ample fit allowing the toes additional space for wiggling. The added roominess cuts down on friction and chaffing that narrow and pointed shoes often cause. Alegria women's shoes are without a doubt what happiness looks like, but most importantly they're what comfort truly feels like.

Alegria Shoes Are What Happiness Looks Like!

Alegria women's shoes are best described in two words: happy and comfortable. By producing some of the most fashionable shoes on the market, Alegria has taken women's shoes to a whole new level by combining durable materials with dynamic patterns and fun colors. With several styles to choose from, women from all walks of life can easily experience what happiness looks like by wearing Alegria clogs, sandals, boots or Mary Jane shoes.

Clogs or wide toed sandals may not be fitting for certain environments like professional settings. In an effort to provide comfort to all women, in all types of careers and lifestyles, Alegria also offers shoes that are more appropriate for a professional environment. This includes styles like career and fashion collection with boots.

Alegria shoes are offered in the following collections: Classic, Professional, Barcelona, Paloma, and Seville. Each collection presents chic shoes that are designed to look good and feel great on women's feet.
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