Arthritis Relief Products

Arthritis pain can be debilitating. With increased age, arthritis can affect us in multiple areas of our bodies. This type of joint inflammation will impact the majority of the population at some point in their lives. Arthritis of the foot, ankle and knee are particularly debilitating because they can limit mobility and make every step extremely painful, if not impossible. If you're dealing with arthritis in your lower extremities, Healthy Feet Store has a few relief products that could vastly improve your quality of life.

Gel Insoles

The knees, ankles and feet are all connected. Corrective footwear and foot products can alleviate stress on any of the joints in these areas. Removable insoles are a great all-around relief product that can target multiple areas. Gel insoles in particular can mold and shape themselves to your feet to provide up close cushioning and support. If your arthritis flares up the most when you wear dress shoes or high heels, reduce the strain on your arches with arch support insoles for dress shoes.

Foot Pads

When you need more targeted support turn to foot pads. Comfort footpads comes in all types, each with a special design that targets a certain area of the foot like the balls, arches, or the heels. These protective pads are a great way to fill the little pockets and gaps where your shoes do not offer adequate support and structure.

Comfort Slippers

After a long day, you arthritic feet may be tender and sore. Find relief with comfortable slippers. In our inventory you'll find a selection of slippers that can accommodate custom orthotics. They have removable insoles incase you'd like to switch in your own. With a wide fit, a sturdy outsole, and a super soft and unrestrictive wool upper, these slippers are a treat for tender feet. Many also feature a heel tab to make them easier to pull on and off.