Orthofeet Maya - Women's Heel

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Product Description

Orthofeet Maya - Stylish Women's Heel and Dress Shoe

A deluxe design for the ultimate footwear supremacy, the Orthofeet Maya boasts an extravagant style for women who prefer the luxury of a high-end footwear experience. This pair of heels transpires as one of the most sought-after party wearing footwear for its rich, glossy exterior. A striking addition of the strap on the toe box, fixated with a flowered broach enhances the overall elegance of these exquisite heels.

In spite of being such a high-end pair of heels, the Orthofeet Maya offers numerous medical benefits such as its removable footbed feature, which accommodates for custom orthotics. This pair of heels expands its comfort levels enough to prevent flat-footing as it offers an arch support feature to cushion your arch. The rocker bottom is an additional support feature that offers you complete motion control and augments your maneuverability. The counter heel feature is another therapeutic constituent of these heels as it cradles the heel and arch, delivering support and curtailing the threats of overpronation.

These heels offer an extra depth to amplify overall comfort. The leather exterior is attached with soft uppers underneath to decrease the chances of skin damages. In addition, the padded collar feature situated at the rear of your heels cushions your ankle and instep region to reduce abrasion. The antimicrobial lining protects your feet from diseases and offers moisture control, keeping your feet odor-free. With a rounded toe box feature, you can now minimize toenail damages for the ideal footwear comfort feel!
  • Antimicrobial lining
  • Arch support
  • Contoured footbed
  • Cushioned heel
  • Deep and wide toe box
  • Extra depth
  • Flexible outsole
  • Heel cup and counter
  • Padded collar
  • Removable footbed
  • Rocker bottom
  • Rounded toe box
  • Seamless interior
  • Soft uppers
  • Straight last
  • Wide shoes


  • L Lifted Heel
  • R Rigid Sole
  • T Tie-Less
  • W Wide Heel
  • A Anti-Microbial
  • A Arch support
  • C Contoured Footbed
  • C Cushioned Heel
  • D Deep Toe Box
  • E Extra Depth
  • F Flexible Outsole
  • H Heel Cup
  • H Heel Counter
  • P Padded Collar
  • R Removable Footbed
  • R Rocker Bottom
  • R Rounded Toe Box
  • S Se


  • A Accessory Navicular Syndrome
  • A Ankle Pain
  • B Brachymetatarsia
  • B Bursitis
  • C Capsulitis of the Second Toe
  • E Equinus
  • H Haglunds Deformity
  • H High Arches/High Instep
  • S Sesamoiditis
  • A Achilles Tendonitis
  • A Arch Pain/Arch Strain
  • A Arthritis
  • B Bunion
  • C Cavus Foot
  • C Charc

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