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Orthofeet Asheville - Men's Slipper
Orthofeet Asheville - Men's Slipper
Orthofeet Asheville - Men's Slipper

Orthofeet Asheville - Men's Slipper

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Orthofeet Asheville Slippers for Men: Removable Anatomical Insoles

The Orthofeet Asheville Slipper for Men is a super adjustable slipper with a wide opening and a removable anatomical insole, which can be replaced with diabetic customized insoles. This soft slipper is designed with a leather upper and stylish stitch detailing. Lined with synthetic wool, this adjustable slipper offers superior cushioning and support. This diabetic slipper has an adjustable strap at the instep which opens up the side and top of the slipper for easy adjustability. The rubber outsole allows slippers to be worn around the house and outside to pick up the morning paper. The Orthofeet Asheville Slipper for Men provides the comfort and cushioning your feet need.


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By Roy
New Hampshire
September 2, 2019
Great feel, great fit!
I have flat feet and a torn ligament that could cause a drop foot. My old slippers had no support, and my foot flopped. As soon as I put these slippers on, I had wonderful support and no more flopping foot. I thought I would have to put in my orthotic inserts, but the arch support was amazing, so I wear them just as they come out of the box. The fit over the arch is adjustable, so any insert or arch is accommodated.
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Great Support
By Zac
August 19, 2019
Exactly what I needed
After a reccomendation for some orthopedic shoes from a GP, I was sent here by a family member who also has issues with their feet/legs. These slippers caught my eye and looked like exactly what I was looking for. Lo and behold, they were, and I can't be any happier with them than I am. Perfect fit, extremely comfortable, and they help reduce the pain I experience from my plantar fasciitis. Well worth the purchase in my book.
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Poor Support
Great Support
By Ron
May 26, 2019
Outstanding comfortable orthopedic slipper
Love these shoes .. very comfortable from the moment I slipped them on .. they hold my feet very well and are just the perfect width, unlike many other orthopedic slippers that are far too wide .. will definitely buy a second pair soon!
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Poor Support
Great Support
By Cathy
Indianapolis, IN
March 30, 2019
Love these slippers
I have tried on other slippers that have too much orthotic support for my poor foot. I've been looking for something I could change into at the end of the day to give my feet a little more freedom and comfort. These have just enough support for me, along with their soft cushioned insole, that I can wear them without my orthotic and give my feet rest. I'm so glad I found them. And yes, they are men's slippers, but I ordered them a size and half smaller and they fit just fine. And if I ever need to, the Velcro
can be adjusted so that my orthotic will fit inside.

Runs Small
Runs Large
Runs Narrow
Runs Wide
Poor Support
Great Support
By David
Greenbrier, TN
October 2, 2018
Size is true, wraps foot like snug glove, but....
I was eagerly anticipating receiving these slippers after returning my Spenco slippers to Amazon due to small fit across the top of the foot. With all the scores of positive reviews on the internet about these slippers, I figured they must be awesome for my plantar fasciitis / heel pain.

I was impressed with the aesthetics of these slippers. They look better than the pictures on the internet.

Fit: These slippers feel amazing inside. The imitation fur/wool/whatever lining is probably the best feeling thing I've ever put on my feet, period. They are a bit warm if you're up walking around a lot.

Quality: I don't see anything to complain about regarding the quality of these slippers. They appear to be very well made.

The downside for me: I have pretty bad heel pain from plantar fasciitis. I found that wearing these shoes and standing for only a few minutes actually seemed to induce heel pain, on both feet. My thoughts on why is that though there is cushioning in the heel insert, and the outsole, there is just too much thickness and firmness there and not enough 'give'. Additionally, I don't understand the purpose of making these slippers with a forward, downward slope. What is up with that?? I realized pretty quickly that due to the downward slope of these, the ball of my foot was taking more stress when walking. The slope makes simply standing up a tad awkward as it wants to cause you to lean forward. The combination of the heel pad thickness, firmness and downward slant puts more stress on my heels and balls of the feet and as awesome as they seem to fit, they are doing the opposite of relieving my heel pain.

Unfortunately, I will be returning these and trying a size up in the Spenco slippers. If these don't work for you, I can recommend trying the Spenco's. I was amazed when I tried those size 9s on. They seemed to energize my feet and legs. It was unfortunate for me they were too tight across the top of the foot around the opening (which is why I sent them back). I'll now be trying a size 10 in those though I'm a 9 Wide. Good luck to you.
ProsCozy wrap-around the foot feel. Adequate arch support (I have high arches). Size seems to run true. Aesthetics are great. Stable feeling shoe with full foot support.
ConsDownward / Forward slant, thick and firm heel / foot support which some may like but caused me more pain rather than relief. Though it doesn't work for me, it obviously works for a lot of people based on all the positive reviews.
August 18, 2018
Second pair
I really love these shoes, I just wish they would last longer than six months. The top of the shoe doesn't stay sewed close, I will have to try something else.
Green Bay, WI
November 17, 2014
What was needed
My brother was suffering from plantar fasciitis. These seem to be helping him.
By Cool C.
So. Calif.
July 21, 2014
Best Slippers
I'm over 50 years, had alot of slippers, but none as great as these, they're sylish, but most of all comfortable, and providing a healthy feet environment. Great pair of slippers.
By Dan
June 13, 2014
Recommend 100%
I bought these for my plantar fascitis, and where them at all times when not wearing shoes. they are very comforatbale and roomy and have a thick sole with good arch support. After a month with them my plantar facitis feels better.
By Plantar P.
Riverside, CA
April 7, 2014
I Can Walk Again
I have major foot pain as I have spent many years going bare foot which stretched my planter fascia. I have been wearing these for over 2 weeks now and my wife has been able to take time off from the nightly foot massage. I have to say, this was one of the best investments I made for my feet. I have dramatically less pain and if my feet hurt, I put these on and walk around and the pain goes away.

I love these, super comfortable, adjustable, easy to slip off and on, durable like a shoe. I put holes in my slippers every few months, these are way stronger and seem like they will last much much longer.

If you have this type of foot pain, I would highly recommend this slipper.
By mymilty
Ontario Canada
September 22, 2013
best slippers ever
my son was in an accident that left him compromised on his left side he finds it difficult to find shoes easy to put on these give the support he needs and the ease of handling that makes his life easier I ordered him an extra pair and a pair for my husband also my son said they are so comfortable he forgot about them and wore them out lol

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Extra-depth includes all diabetic shoes (by definition) that incorporates 3/8" interior depth

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Super depth is at least 9/16 of an ince

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