Alegria Sandal Collection

Alegria women's sandals are definitely what happy looks like since each style contains its own mixture of vibrant colors and chic look, making them extremely fun footwear for casual and sophisticated wearers alike. The word Alegria means happiness, and that's what they have set out to do - make women happy by wearing Alegria footwear. Alegria sandals provide the perfect combination of comfort and fashion so that women can look good and feel great at the same time. Alegria believes in color therapy, so it comes to no surprise that the uppers of their women's sandals are manufactured in a variety of colors, from exotic snake textured prints to shiny crinkled solid colors. Their multicolored sandals definitely stand out, in fact they practically pop into view the second you see them for the first time.
As well as reflecting stylish looks, these orthopedic sandals have uppers that are constructed and lined with leather. Alegria women's sandals each come with an anatomically correct padded footbed that is designed to take the natural shape of the foot to ensure women will have a better fit. The leather insole offers built-in arch support and is breathable, which will help keep feet dry and reduce moisture build-up. The Venice and Milano styles have a lower profile outsole; while the Barcelona and Milano styles have the classic Alegria's rocker outsole design to alleviate pressure to the heel and central metatarsal region (the rocker outsole will literally allow one to naturally roll forward with each step encouraging correct stride and posture). These comfortable women's sandals also have a firm, flat bottom for improved stability.

Alegria women's sandals are funky, but in a good way. They're fashionable orthopedic sandals that will improve any women's shoe collection as well as provide exceptional comfort all day long. Want to know what happy looks like? Wear a pair of Alegria comfortable women's sandals and feel the happiness today!