Giesswein Slippers | Giesswein Footwear

Giesswein slippers reflect what the Giesswein brand is all about: the production of quality wool house shoes made from natural, breathable, washable, healthy, and earth-friendly materials. Wool is cool, and Giesswein has come up with a natural method of adding soles to house shoes so that they're durable, comfortable to wear, and provide better footing. Giesswein slippers come in a variety of styles ranging from slip-on clogs with backless heels to bootie styled house shoes with cable-knit ankle cuffs. It's very easy to distinguish a Giesswein slipper from any other slipper because of the vast array of colors and multi-colored hand-stitched designs used in their 100% wool uppers. Style is not compromised in the Geisswien design. But Giesswein slippers are more than just pleasing to look at, they come with orthopedic features. Some slippers are made with boiled wool, a material that is breathable and wicks moisture away to help keep feet dry. It's also temperature-regulating to ensure feet stay at a comfortable temperature all year long; plus it's not scratchy or itchy but soft to the touch. Some of their house shoes include a removable anatomically correct footbed with metatarsal arch support and a deep heel cup design to alleviate arch pain and heel pain, while others have a rocker heel to encourage stability and proper gait. By wearing a Giesswein house slipper, one will have it all: style, comfort, and orthopedic value.

Giesswein Slippers are Green

Giesswein is also proud to manufacture products that are environmental friendly. For more than five decades and since day one, Giesswein has been playing an important role in keeping the environment green by using natural recyclable materials: wool, water, and natural rubber. Being environmentally aware and practicing non-polluting manufacturing, Giesswein guarantees one will gain high quality products that are healthy, comfortable, and made by some of mother nature's most recyclable ingredients.
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