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Gilden Tree Natural Foot Care Organic, Fair Trade, & Eco Friendly Foot Care Products

Want to pamper the environmentalist in your life with an eco friendly gift from the heart? Give the gift of healthy feet by purchasing a Gilden Tree foot care gift set or a Gilden Tree Footscrubber. The Gilden Tree Company is committed to creating spa quality skin healing products using production methods that promote environmental conservation and humanitarian principles. Gilden Tree products contain no parabens, artificial colors, or skin irritating synthetic chemicals. All of the ingredients in Gilden Tree foot creams and skin lotions are all natural and most are certified organic and wild crafted. Gilden Tree is committed to using minimal packaging and recycling and reusing whenever possible. Its certified organic textile plants uphold the highest standards of environmentally responsible manufacturing methods to prevent ground water contamination.

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Fair Trade Foot Care Products

With a dropout rate of 50 percent for those few girls who participate in formal education, literacy rates for Pakistani women are among the lowest in the world. One village at a time, the Gilden Tree Natural Healing Body Care Company is trying to change all that and they're doing with a footscrubber. The Gilden Tree Footscrubber is handcrafted by a women's cottage industry in a small village in Pakistan. The funds raised by footscrubber sales in the United States are channeled back into the village to pay for the education of the village's women and children. Studies performed by international human rights organizations indicate that educating Pakistani mothers can have lasting benefits for entire families. When Pakistani mothers are educated their villages suffer lower infant mortality rates, higher rates of immunization, and higher rates of education of the next generation.

The Gilden Tree Terra Cotta Footscrubber works as well as, if not better than, a pumice stone for smoothing dry, rough skin and removing calluses and is much more durable and long lasting.

These high quality fair trade foot care products make wonderful gifts for the holidays and have the added benefit of saving children's lives.

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