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Men's Adjustable Strap Shoes

Healthy Feet Store is committed to offering comfortable men's shoes with Velcro fastening for those who suffer from foot problems like arthritis, planar fasciitis, bunions and diabetic neuropathy. Adjustable strap footwear can be helpful and more comfortable to wear for people who suffer from foot issues. They offer a flexible closure system that can be adjusted based on need. This flexibility can make wearing and removing the shoes a much easier process that is less time consuming.

Available Options in Men's Adjustable Strap Shoes

Our selection of adjustable strap shoes for men include men's shoes with Velcro straps. Velcro brand straps are dependable and strong. They will reliably stay in place. They are also very easy to manipulate for aging hands and those who have arthritis in their hands. The majority of our adjustable strap shoes use Velcro technology.

We carry shoes that feature tie-less laces. These are available in athletic shoe styles and running shoes. We also have athletic shoes that feature both adjustable straps and a tie-less lacing system.

Finally, we have shoes that have a hook and loop system for the closure that is also adjustable.

Adjustable Technology in All Styles of Shoes

There are an endless collection of styles that can have the adjustable technology applied. Dress shoes, running shoes, sandals and work shoes are all able to have adjustable straps. Healthy Feet Store carries brands like Propet, Noat, Drew, Vionic and Apis that specialize in creating stylish shoes that are also orthopedically supportive.

Diabetics and men who suffering from painful swelling in the feet and ankles will find relief with this style of shoe. Many of these styles also have additional features like a large toe box for injuries and foot problems involving the toes and extra cushioning in the sole and heel to combat planar fasciitis.

Regardless of your personal taste, there is a style of adjustable strap shoe out there for you. Explore our whole collection to find it.
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