Collection: Removable Footbed Shoes | Removable Insole Shoes

If you care about your feet, you need to check out the Men's Orthopedic Footwear, Shoe Insoles, and Footbeds from Healthy Feet Store. Our wide assortment of insoles and shoes gives you myriad choices to take care of your feet. Whether you are seeking to prevent problems like turf toe or are looking for easy and economical ways to ease the pain of arthritis, diabetic neuropathy or other foot conditions, you can maximize your flexibility and adaptability in handling foot and toe issues here.

Our orthopedic shoes with removable footbeds give you the ability to adjust the space inside your shoes simply by removing or adding insoles. Many of these shoes have been designed to help relieve the discomfort of specific foot conditions. Many also afford the opportunity to install doctor-recommended insoles and doctor-prescribed orthotics.

We also carry insoles you can add to your shoes to provide pain relief and prevention for turf toe, a common problem for athletes, dancers and others who suffer from damage to the joint of the big toe. The additional stability offered by these insoles can also help with arthritis and ball of foot pain.