Collection: Kids Insoles | Arch Support For Kids

Foot health provides a foundation of health for children and offers a complete line of arch supports for kids. From the first steps we take, foot health becomes an important issue for all of us. Because we take foot health seriously, we offer shoe inserts for kids and arch support insoles that have important features that are needed for healthy growing feet. Many of today's shoes for children feature insoles that are poorly made. Usually, they are just foam cutouts that offer no cushioning or support. We offer insoles that are shaped to resemble the contours of the arch and heel areas of the foot. features the KidZerts brand which over time will conform to the natural shape of each individual foot for a customized fit. The KidZerts brand comes in 3/4 and full-length options.

In addition, we offer Pedag Bambini children's arch supports. The Bambini children's arch support's main support feature is a 1/2 length, semi firm rubber insole that is lightly contoured to support the heel and arch. The rubber arch support has a non-slip pattern cast into the bottom so it won't slide around inside shoes.

Made of natural absorbent vegetable tanned leather, Bambini children's arch supports provide reliable hygiene, keep the feet dry and allow the feet to breath. They are approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association.

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