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Concerned that you won't get the arch support and stability you need while wearing slippers? Let Acorn therapeutic slippers put your mind and your feet at ease. Acorn women's slippers come in a variety of options such as thong and spa styles, while Acorn men's slippers primarily come in moccasin styles that offer comfort as well as fashion. Both Acorn spa slippers and Acorn moccasin slippers have a heel to toe memory foam insole made of durable, but lightweight EVA. Their footbed is carefully contoured to fit the natural shape of your foot, and is slightly raised at the heel and the arch for maximum comfort and balance. Acorn orthopedic slippers are also fitted with a waterproof, slip-resistant tread outsole for surer footing. "Comfort on Earth" is the Acorn Slipper Company's slogan, and Acorn women's slippers in spa, thong, and slide styles certainly live up to that promise.

Acorn Spa Slippers

Made of plush, exquisitely soft, terry cloth in soothing earthy and pastel colors; Acorn women's spa slippers are the ultimate in luxurious comfort. Acorn spa slippers make drying your feet after a shower or bath not only easy, but blissful. Acorn spa slippers are ideal self-pampering footwear. Wear them while you do your nails or moisturize your feet; or simply wear them around the house to add an extra bit of style and delight to your leisure wear. Acorn spa slippers are machine washable so that you can easily restore their soft, fresh feeling after every use. All Acorn thong and slide spa slippers have contoured, memory foam, arch supporting insoles that allow for comfortable all-day wear.

Acorn Men's Textured Moccasin Slippers

Much more than just a house shoe, Acorn men's slippers in textured moccasin styles provide the wearer with the perfect combination of playful rustic fashion and practical comfort. The furry exterior of Acorn moccasin slippers keeps feet warm in cold climates. With a water-resistant, non-slip outsole and durable suede sidewall; these therapeutic slippers work for both indoor and outdoor use. Many people have trouble wearing conventional slippers because perspiration makes their feet feel clammy and uncomfortable. Acorn has solved this problem by adding a moisture wicking fleece lining to their moccasin orthopedic slippers so that the interior of each Acorn moccasin slipper stays cozy and dry.

Acorn Slippers