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Fashionable Footwear to Prevent Diabetic Foot Problems - Designed specifically with the needs of sensitive feet in mind, Comfortrite diabetic shoes, slippers, and boots provide a versatile, gentle fit for any foot shape. With extra depth, multiple widths, adjustable strap options, and removable insoles to accommodate custom orthotics; Comfortrite orthopedic shoes can accommodate a wide variety of foot conditions including diabetic foot problems, edema, bunions, and hammertoes. Most Comfortrite shoes are A5500 Medicare certified for use as medical and diabetic footwear unless otherwise state. Comfortrite strives to provide comfortable footwear options to suit any social occasions. Some types of diabetic sneakers made by Comfortrite include women's Mary Janes, men's dress shoes, men's boots, and men's and women's sneakers. Stretchable shoes are available for people suffering from deformed toes and other foot deformities.

Comfortrite Diabetic Shoes Prevent Foot Pain

Not only do Comfortrite diabetic shoes decrease the risk of developing diabetic foot ulcers for diabetics, they are also podiatrist recommended to prevent foot pain. Comfortrite therapeutic shoes provide shock absorption and support for wearers who suffer from flat feet, ankle pain, arch pain, and excessive pronation. Comfortrite therapeutic shoes can even prevent some types of back pain. Many of the Comfortrite orthopedic shoes feature a rocker bottom outsole for a more natural, comfortable stride and a soft leather upper for the perfect balance of foot protection and flexibility.