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Arch or Heel Pain? Try our Orthotics, Arch Supports and Insoles for Relief. Arch pain or arch strain refers to an inflammation and/or burning sensation at the arch of the foot. This inflammation may be caused by excessive stretching of the plantar fascia, often due to overpronation, excessive activity or simple wear and tear from aging. Left untreated, strain on the longitudinal arch will continue and spurs may develop.

Orthotic devices are among the most successful and practical treatments recommended by podiatrists. Sometimes referred to as arch supports, these orthotics come in a wide range of designs and are constructed of various materials to provide the cushioning and support needed. All orthotic devices serve to improve foot function and minimize stress forces that could ultimately cause arch pain. To get the best recommendation for the type of orthotics you need to treat your arch strain, see a doctor and discuss your options.

Just about every shoe we carry at is built with a good arch support. In addition to shoes with built-in arch supports, a wide variety of shoe inserts, heel cups, shock absorbers and other footwear accessories for addressing arch pain can also be found on our site. Shop at to get the best orthotics for your arch pain along with FREE shipping, EASY returns and FREE exchanges and everyday low prices.