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Using its expertise in foot biomechanics & orthotics design, Orthofeet footwear has integrated in all of its shoes a customized orthotic, which provides precise support along with excellent cushioning. The combination of the orthotic support & the shoe's other unique comfort features, such as relaxed fitting last, ergonomic sole, and soft padded lining, has resulted in an exceptional wearing experience & unsurpassed comfort. Founded in 1984, Orthofeet shoes are built from the inside out to provide a unique wearing experience and ultimate protection. The unique lining construction of Orthofeet shoes enhances comfort and protection. The non-binding design along with elastic elements of our Orthofeet shoes for men and women eliminate pressure on sensitive feet and painful foot conditions.

Orthofeet Shoe's are not only for diabetics but also designed for a variety of foot conditions including (but not limited to) Heel Pain, Edema or Swollen Feet, Bunions, Flat Feet, Ankle Pain, Arch Pain, Back Pain and Pronation. Wearing Orthofeet footwear means you're taking a smart step in the right direction to better mobility and comfort.