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If you've just had surgery on your foot and are now in the healing process, you've come to the right place. The recovery from a surgery or wound care treatment can be enhanced by the use of post-operative shoes and other products available at To achieve that goal, it is important to find a post-op shoe that is right for you. Post-operative shoes reduce the chances that you will suffer a recurrence of the issue that led to surgery. They promote healing and can prevent foot issues from arising as a result of ill-fitting footwear.

At Healthy Feet Store, we offer classic post-op shoes, high- and low-ankle walkers and other high-quality footwear options. We also carry post-op boots and shoes designed to accommodate medium to large casts or dressings with hook and loop adjustable straps that easily fasten over the instep for a secure fit. Many of our post-operative shoes can be worn on either the right or left foot.

Healthy Feet Store also offers insoles to off-load pressure from any area of the planter surface of the foot. A perfect choice for the treatment of diabetic ulcerations, this insole minimizes the pressure on wounds for faster healing while allowing you to maintain your mobility during recovery.

When you shop on our site, you'll find a range of post-surgical shoes and boots from some of the most trusted footwear brands. You'll also find post-op products with various features you may need, whether it's a contoured foot bed, a cushioned heel, a deep toe box or adjustable straps. You can even find post-op boots and shoes with anti-microbial and machine-washable designs.

After surgery, finding the right post-operative footwear and products can be yet another hurdle on the road to recovery. Healthy Feet Store is here to help clear the bumps in the road so you can get back to full health and regain mobility sooner. We offer free shipping as well as EASY returns and FREE exchanges. Start the healing process right by choosing post-operative shoes or post-surgical boots from our selection of doctor-recommended products at Healthy Feet Store.