Collection: Sole Insoles

Sole sandals are definitely unlike the cheaply made flip flops found at local drugstores and department stores because they're specifically designed to be wear moldable so that over time they contour to the shape of each unique foot. Sole flip flops, sandals, and arch supports offer excellent orthopedic features: the arch height will adjust to fit correctly to the foot without flattening out, the forefoot area will take shape of the ball of the foot and toes, and the deep heel cup supports the heel shape. All of these orthopedic features produce a superior fit and continuous support across the sole of the foot. Pain from common foot problems such as plantar fasciitis, shin splints, back & neck pain, over-supination, and over-pronation can be reduced because Sole's orthopedic shape design laterally aligns the feet, which will result in bringing the rest of the body into aligned position.

It's Your SOLE - Obtain an Orthopedic Fit from a Stylish Sandal!

Sole sandals provide support from the heel to the toes and it's because of this support that there will be less chances of experiencing misaligned joints, which can lead to pain and injury. Sole Platinum sandals are so healthy that they're even accepted by the APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association). Wearing Sole flip flops means attaining an orthopedic fit from a very stylish sandal.