Collection: Orthopedic Boat Shoes For Men | Mens Deck Shoes

The boat shoe was created in 1935 by Paul Sperry. Sperry sought to design a shoe that would successfully grip the deck of a boat without leaving scuff marks behind. He was inspired by watching his cocker spaniel run across ice without slipping and mimicked the traction pattern of his dog's paw on the sole of his shoes. The men's boat shoes were also designed to prevent scuff marks on floors. Though the shoes were originally designed to be worn by sailors, the shoes quickly become a fashion staple in America, England and France. embraces the quirky design by offering a selection of boat shoes by some of the best boat shoe brands like Dunham and OrthoFeet. Our shoe selection proves that boat shoes aren't strictly for sailors anymore.

All of our boat shoes feature the traditional style of rounded toes and low sides that sit below the ankle. The shoes are made of canvas or leather uppers with non-marking rubber soles. The soles are etched with a traction-enhancing pattern that provides grip on wet surfaces. The uppers are treated with a special oil to help repel water. Men's wide boat shoes are traditionally worn without socks, but at we say you should wear them however you're comfortable.

Because the sole of the shoes are traditionally more pliable to get a better grip on wet surfaces, boat shoes may not last as long as traditional shoes. To get the most life out of your shoes, we recommend avoiding wearing them on graveled surfaces. Boat shoes are a great choice for office footwear or for out on the ocean. Select styles of shoes are available in multiple color options to suit your needs and your personal style.

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