Collection: Orthopedic Slippers For Kids | Children's Slippers

Children's orthopedic slippers give your child's feet the support of a shoe while relaxing around the house. If your child has an existing foot condition such as Sever's disease or painful flat feet, or you just want your child to avoid developing problems down the road, HealthyFeetStore's selection of orthopedic slippers for kids can give you peace of mind at an everyday low price.

Children who have minor, over-the-counter treated foot issues will benefit from the extra support of a pair of slippers from Just like when they run and jump around the playground in a good pair of shoes, running and jumping around your house in a pair of comfortable slippers will help prevent unnecessary discomfort.

Kids' slippers from the are built with high quality craftsmanship that you aren't going to find in any department store or shoe warehouse. Cloud Nine's collection of slippers are made with cowhide suede uppers and genuine sheepskin lining for maximum comfort and warmth. A durable EVA sole means slippers can be worn both inside and outside for versatility and convenience. Find slippers in different height styles such as moccasin, ankle and boot. Ankle height may also roll up for an extra element of warmth.

In your child's first several years, their feet are still taking shape as they learn to move and walk. Problems such as high arches or flat feet may start to become visible to varying degrees of severity. Flexible, pain-free levels of these conditions don't require any other treatment other than wearing regular shoes with the consideration of future orthopedic arch support inserts should the need arise. Nightly stretching and movement may also help.

If the problem is significant or if the child is experiencing pain despite stretching and insoles, see your pediatrician for a consultation. These problems may be symptoms of other, more serious conditions such as Severs disease, an inflammation of the heel growth plate.