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Naot offers fashionable men's and women's orthopedic dress and casual shoes and sandals that both flatter and fit comfortably. Naot comfort shoes are therapeutic for feet. Their suede-coated latex and cork footbed is designed to conform to each wearer's unique foot shape, which provides support, cushion, and proper weight distribution across each foot. Although Naot footbeds are among the best on the market, for added orthopedic value nearly all of the Naot shoes and sandals sold by have removable footbeds to accommodate arch supports and orthotic insoles.

Naot Therapeutic and Orthopedic Shoes and Sandals - Notable Features

- Constructed with an anatomical wide footbed, Naot footbeds are designed to quickly align to the specific contours of the wearer's feet.

- Naot footbed allows body weight to be distributed equally over the entire foot for better posture and minimized joint stress.

- Erosion-resistant, flexible sole constructed from high-quality rubber, polyurethane, and latex materials.

- Elevated footbed/insole center provides the wearer with superior arch support and releases pressure in the joints of the central part of the foot to prevent arch pain.

- Deep heel indentation provides support, heel bone protection, and heel pain prevention.

- Built-in hallux support in Naot sandal provides a comfortable hold for the big toe, preventing the foot from slipping forward and keeping the foot in a stable, orthopedically sound position.

- Shock-resistant suede-coated latex and cork footbed wicks away moisture to prevent athlete's foot and blisters.

- Shoe upper is made from fine natural Italian leather. The breathability of the fabric further ensures that feet remain dry and less prone to painful friction.

- Classically fashionable as well as orthopedic, Naot therapeutic casual and dress shoes are stylish as well as comfortable.