Apis 2603-L - Kid's Orthopedic Shoes

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Please note: APIS brand shoes are specialty items. Orders for APIS products may be back ordered up to 8-12 weeks.

Apis 2603-L: Orthopedic Kid's Shoes

Your little one deserves the utmost care and compassion. So if you're looking for a pair of shoes that treats their tiny, little feet with all the love you carry in your heart, then get your hands on the new Apis 2603-L. Simple and stylish, the Apis 2603-L is a sneaker shoe, which is a popular choice among most parents when choosing shoes for their toddlers. Apis 2603-L is so highly sought after is because of its removable footbed feature. This feature is especially for babies who need custom orthotic accommodation. As a result, with these shoes, your toddler can enjoy high levels of comfort with every step they take! In addition, the footbed is also contoured in structure. This allows the footbed to mold according to the shape of your toddler's feet, giving them a gel-like cushioning from toe to heels. This maximizes and upgrades the overall comfort of the shoes, keeping your toddler relaxed and at ease as they walk around. Other than that, these shoes feature an arch support feature that works effectively to prevent flat feet problems. The Apis 2603-L also comes with an extra depth feature. The goal is to maximize your toddler's comfort as they wear these shoes, which is why this feature is a great addition to the footwear. With extra depth, your toddler gets to enjoy a sink-in feeling, which keeps them comfortable and at ease throughout the day.

  • Arch support prevents flat feet problems
  • Heel counter feature cradles the heel and arch for support and prevents over-pronation
  • Extra depth feature allows maximum cushioning for better support
  • Removable footbed feature accommodates custom orthotics
  • Contoured footbed offers gel-like cushioning for maximum comfort
  • Seamless interior is the perfect addition for sensitive feet


  • A Arch support
  • C Contoured Footbed
  • E Extra Depth
  • H Heel Counter
  • R Removable Footbed
  • S Seamless Interior


  • A Arch Pain/Arch Strain
  • C Cavus Foot
  • C Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT)
  • F Fat Pad Atrophy
  • F Flat Feet/Fallen Arches
  • H Hammertoe/Mallet Toe
  • H Heel Pain/Heel Spurs
  • M Metatarsalgia/Ball Of Foot Pain
  • M Morton's Neuroma
  • O Over Pronation
  • P Plantar Fasciitis
  • P Post-Tib Tendonitis
  • S Shin Splints
  • U Under Pronation/Supination

* Based on the Features, this product may be appropriate for the listed Foot Conditions.

The information provided by Healthy Feet Store, LLC and Dr. Hurless is intended for educational purposes only and not intended to be used as a recommendation for a patient's specific medical condition, treatment plan or management of a disease. Please consult your healthcare provider.


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