Apis 628E - Women's Stretchable Shoe

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Please note: APIS brand shoes are specialty items. Orders for APIS products may be back ordered up to 8-12 weeks.

Apis 628-E Women's Stretchable Shoes: For Bunions, Flat Feet, Pronation, Hammertoes & More

Apis 628-E Women's Edema and Bunion Shoe is designed with features to accommodate your foot condition while keeping feet supported and comfortable. This women's stretchable shoe features an extra soft genuine napa leather upper with stretchable lycra vamps and bunion/bunionette flex area. The expandable lycra padded collar offers flexibility for swollen ankles. This stretch shoe also accommodates a severe high instep, pronation, flat feet, bunions and hammertoes. The Apis 628-E shoe features 5/16" deeper than regular shoes and accommodates partial foot and AFOs. Find all the features you need to accommodate foot conditions in the Apis 628-E Women's Stretchable Shoe.

  • Extra soft genuine Napa leather upper
  • Extra length counter support
  • Added depth of 5/16" deeper than regular shoes
  • Seamless lining
  • Durable HD EVA outsole offers easy modification
  • Accommodates hammertoes/overlapping, claw toes, etc.
  • Stretchable lycra vamps
  • Bunion/bunionette flex area
  • Expandable Lycra padded collar for more flexible swelling ankle relief
  • Double depth
  • Accommodates severe high instep, swelling, pronation, flat feet, bunions and hammertoes
  • Accommodates partial foot and AFOs


  • A A5500 Coded
  • A AFO Accommodation
  • A Adjustable Strap
  • A Arch support
  • C Contoured Footbed
  • C Cushioned Heel
  • D Deep Toe Box
  • E Extra Depth
  • H Heel Counter
  • S Stretchable
  • W Wide Toe Box


  • A Arch Pain/Arch Strain
  • A Arthritis
  • B Bunion
  • C Cavus Foot
  • C Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT)
  • C Claw Toes
  • D Diabetic/Neuropathy
  • E Edema/Swelling
  • F Fat Pad Atrophy
  • F Flat Feet/Fallen Arches
  • H Hammertoe/Mallet Toe
  • H Heel Pain/Heel Spurs
  • L Lymphedema
  • M Metatarsalgia/Ball Of Foot Pain
  • M Morton's Neuroma
  • M Morton's Toe
  • O Over Pronation
  • P Plantar Fasciitis
  • P Post-Tib Tendonitis
  • S Shin Splints
  • U Under Pronation/Supination

* Based on the Features, this product may be appropriate for the listed Foot Conditions.

The information provided by Healthy Feet Store, LLC and Dr. Hurless is intended for educational purposes only and not intended to be used as a recommendation for a patient's specific medical condition, treatment plan or management of a disease. Please consult your healthcare provider.


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