Blister Foot Care Products | Foot Blister Relief

Blisters are small pockets of fluid that form under the top layer of skin. They typically have very thin walls and are usually filled with clear liquid or pus. Blisters are formed when excess friction, and usually heat, damage the skin. Most people find them on the hands and feet. They are a common affliction in runners, those who wear dress shoes or heels, and people who wear shoes that do not fit them correctly.

Recommendations: Properly fitted shoes are the best defense against blisters on feet. The doctor may recommend foam inserts to make shoes feel more snug without creating more friction, or other protective padded products and gels/creams to relieve the pain often associated with foot blisters.

Blisters are a perfect example of why wearing properly fitting shoes is so important. But, sometimes they happen anyway. Most blisters will heal on their own without medical intervention. While you're waiting for them to disappear, take steps to speed up the healing process and find pain relief.

The best protection from blisters comes in the form of properly fitting shoes. Make sure they have ample room for your feet and don't cause excessive sweating and rubbing. Next up is gel foot pads. Some foot pads specially target blisters and offer soothing relief of pressure causing pain. Other foot pads might target other issues like corns or calluses but they will still have a protective benefit. Foot pads come in all shapes and size. Some will wrap around the toes, while others come in sheets to be applied to the heel or arches.

Gel sleeve are another great choice. They offer a barrier between your feet and your shoes. They will also cover a large area of your foot so that they don't rub off or fall away.

Continuing with the gel products, we have gel toe separators. Between the toes is a very common place get blisters. This is especially true for those who frequently don pointed toe shoes where the toes are pushed together. Toe spreaders are designed to be wedged between the toes and offer a gel cushion for either side of the two toes they separate. Toe spreaders are a great solution for blisters that appear on the inside of the big toe.

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