Is It Time For New Sneakers?

Is It Time For New Sneakers?

Are you aware that working out in old sneakers can actually harm your body? Old or worn-out running shoes can cause a variety of running injuries, including ankle sprains, lower back pain, runner's knee, plantar fasciitis and more, resulting in pain during exercise and in daily life. Wearing out your sneakers can cause your weight to shift abnormally, which can lead to injuries not only to your feet, but to your entire body as well. Depending on your running style and the surface on which you run, you should replace your running shoes every 300 to 400 miles.

The shock absorption, cushioning, stability, and support of your running shoes diminish over time. These qualities are vital in running shoes to ensure decreased stress and impact on your legs and joints to help prevent overuse injuries. If you are unsure whether or not it's time to get rid of your sneakers, try to twist or fold your shoe in half like a sandwich. If you are able to do that or come close to it, then it is time to replace your sneakers. With a new supportive sneaker there should be some give near the forefoot but it definitely should not be able to fold in half.

One of the most effective things you can do to prevent running injuries is to replace your shoes at the right time. Check out some of our favorite sneakers available on the Healthy Feet Store right now.

  1. Vionic Walker Athletic Walking Shoes: The Vionic Walker Shoes are podiatrist designed with orthopedic features to enhance comfort and health during long active walks or workouts. The padded collar offers extra comfort around the ankle while the action lacing system ensures a secure fit. The EVA midsole design of Vionic Walkers has a 5 degree built-in elevation to enhance the transition from heel strike to toe off during the gait cycle, and pronation control and stability will be felt because of the removable, biomechanical orthotic with a heel cup and arch support.
  2. Propet One Sneakers- The sneakers are constructed with an extra deep, rounded toe box which gives your toes sufficient space with marvelous comfort. The 3-D breathable mesh upper eliminates the chances of skin abrasion, marring and blisters. The padded tongue attached underneath the adjustable laces prevents any kind of skin abrasion to maximize your comfort. The padded collar and heel counter feature offers arch support, ankle support and prevention of over-pronation. The removable footbed feature gives you the leverage of accommodating custom orthotics for improved comfort.
  3. New Balance 1540v3: These men's athletic shoes offer a variety of shoe technologies to give your feet the proper support and cushion on the road. The upper is breathable and made of synthetic/mesh materials so that your feet have a better chance at staying dry throughout your workout. ROLLBAR technology in the rear area of the shoe ensures you'll gain lateral and medial stability while the ENCAP EVA midsole provides supple cushioning, added support and stability because it also has a tough PU rim.
  4. Propet Stability Fly Athletic Shoes: This pair of shoes comes with soft uppers and mesh that effectively prevent skin abrasion, marring, scarring or skin blisters from damaging your skin. The pair of shoes offers a heel counter that basically cradles your arch and heel, preventing over-pronation that results in swollen feet. With a padded collar, you enjoy foot instep and ankle protection that accentuates your footwear comfort. Swift maneuverability no longer has to be a nuisance, now that you can delight in an added arch support offered by this pair of shoes!

Written by
Dr. Jeffrey S. Hurless
DPM, FACFAS Board Certified Foot & Ankle Surgeon/Podiatrist
Medical Director,

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