Shoes For Different Sized Feet | Different Shoe Sizes Shoe Program for Different Sized Feet recognizes that custom ordering isn't for everyone, so we offer a special discount program, unique to our online store, for those ordering two pairs of mismatch sizes. This is best for those who have never ordered mismatched size shoes before, because these shoes can be exchanged or returned if they don't fit correctly. Please call us for more information about this special discount program for split-size shoes.

Some Size Difference Between Feet Is Normal

Many people realize that one of their feet is a little bigger than the other. About 60% of the population has different sized feet according to a foot measure device (brannock device). For about 80% of these people, their bigger foot is their left foot. But this does not mean that different sized shoes are needed. If one of your feet is half a size longer (for example: if your left foot is a size 9 and your right foot is a size 8.5) or one width size bigger, you do not need to wear different sized shoes. Just fit the shoes to the larger foot.

If one of your feet is a full size longer than the other, it still is not a big enough difference for you to buy mismatched shoes. The difference between a full size is 1/3 of an inch and the difference between widths is 1/8 of an inch. Please use discretion when deciding on the most comfortable and affordable choice for you.

Please Note: If your feet have more than 1 1/2 size in length difference, you will have to order mismatched shoes.

If your feet have two different widths, you may have to add or remove an insole to compensate for the lack of volume of the smaller foot. Insoles come in various thicknesses, and finding the appropriate insole to add to a shoe will depend on the difference of the two feet. Our Diabetic Shoes come with numerous inlays that can be easily removed. However, if there is a big difference between the lengths and widths in your feet, then you must order mismatched size shoes.

If your feet have more than a 1 1/2 size difference, then getting split-size shoes would be better for your feet's health and protection. However, if money is a problem, you could try just fitting the shoes to the larger foot. You can buy insoles to take up room in the smaller foot's shoe.

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