What Causes Wide Feet? | Wide Feet Shoes

What Causes Wide Feet? | Wide Feet Shoes

If you are someone who deals with having wide feet, you know that it can easily be the source of foot discomfort. Whether you were born with wide feet or your feet have broadened as you've aged, you may have trouble finding a shoe that fits properly. Patients with wide feet may experience shoes that feel smothering and tight more often than not. By wearing ill-fitting footwear and cramming your toes into any old pair of shoes, you can actually be causing quite a bit of harm to your feet.

There are various causes associated with having wide feet that include genetics, age, foot deformities, improper footwear, and swelling. Genetics are a common cause for wide feet, as individuals can be born with it or have flat feet that are linked to having wider feet as well. Age also plays a role in the wideness of your feet, as you get older the ligaments and tendons in the body loosen and the foot may grow wider and longer. If you are someone that deals with foot deformities including calluses, bunions, or hammer toes this can be a primary reason as to why your foot would get wider over time. As we know, footwear can affect our foot health and wearing shoes that are ill-fitting can lead to the growth of a multitude of foot abnormalities. A leading cause of wide feet has to do with swelling that can result from specific medications, injuries, health conditions, and fluid retention. Although, this swelling may only be brief and disappear once treated.

Feet are complex structures that serve an incredibly vital purpose for our bodies. For those with wide feet, it can be a lot more difficult to find comfortable shoes that accommodate the different sizing. It is very important for people, especially those who live a very active lifestyle, to have appropriate footwear for their wide feet to avoid developing additional podiatric issues. Your local podiatrist will help you further understand your foot condition, give you a treatment plan which may include lifestyle changes or clinical treatment, and provide shoe recommendations, so that you may gain mobility and a boost your quality of life.

Written by
Dr. Jeffrey S. Hurless
DPM, FACFAS Board Certified Foot & Ankle Surgeon/Podiatrist
Medical Director, HealthyFeetStore.com

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