Your Feet and COVID-19

Your Feet and COVID-19

You have a stocked pantry, you're practicing good social distancing by staying at least 6 feet away from those outside your household and now you're probably an expert at washing your hands. You're practicing good community care by staying home, you may even be walking more or picking up some new at home exercise routines - so why are your feet hurting?

While you've been getting all the tips on how to work from home, exercise from home, cooking and eating healthy during this pandemic, we've got the tips on how to keep your feet healthy. Many people are getting dressed in the morning as part of their morning routine but going barefoot or wearing slippers. Barefoot walking all day, especially on hard surfaced floors, can cause some serious foot pain if you're not used to it. Slippers offer no to little support unless they are slippers that are designed for all day wear and have some type of arch support or stiffer sole. We recommend wearing supportive shoes, even if you're in sweats all day. Athletic shoes or supportive shoes are a must when you're staying at home all day.

Ingrown toenails are a pain, literally. If your podiatrist isn't seeing patients right now and you can tell you're at the beginning of an ingrown toenail, take some home precautions to try to stop the infection. We recommend soaking your toe in Epsom salts, using Neosporin and wear shoes with a wider toe box so your toes won't rub against them. If you have calluses and they are getting painful, using a pumice stone to gently rub against it, followed up by some moisturizing lotion, can really help alleviate the pain. If you've been taking more walks with family or the dog and you are noticing some new pains in your feet or ankles, try the RICE ( rest, ice, compression and elevation ) method to see if that stops the pain. You can also try taking OTC ibuprofen products. If you try these "at home" remedies to alleviate your foot and ankle issues and you are still experience pain, redness or swelling, give your Podiatrist a call and they may be offering telemedicine services. Stay safe.

Written by
Dr. Jeffrey S. Hurless
DPM, FACFAS Board Certified Foot & Ankle Surgeon/Podiatrist
Medical Director,

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