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Foot health is important at every stage of life and Healthy Feet Store offers wide and extra-wide shoes for children and extra wide kids shoes setting them on a path to comfort.

Just like adults, children can have unique footcare needs. Parents may want to care for an existing foot condition or simply protect their child from developing foot problems later in life. features a selection of the highest quality therapeutic and orthopedic children's shoes, including wide and extra-wide widths.

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For parents treating foot problems in their children, it is important to remember that the needs of their feed are different from the needs of an adult. A child's feet are actively growing and developing. As a result, it is important to use caution and not over-correct for foot issues.

Most of our brands feature removable footbeds to accommodate custom orthotics and arch supports. Many shoes we offer also accommodate AFOs and KAFOs. Healthy Feet Store offers all of the top styles from Answer2, including dress and athletic shoes. We carry a wide range of sizes and widths, including shoes for infants and toddlers.

Many of the brands and styles we carry feature a more comfortable fit with a wide toe box and extra girth at the ankle.

For children, style and fashion are important. To meet their discerning tastes, we offer stylish wide and extra-wide shoes in colors and styles that will match their classmates' footwear while meeting their foot health needs.

Parents can safely shop online without worry at From free online shipping and easy exchanges to industry-leading prices, you can find the perfect fit for your budget and your child's feet.