Collection: Mens Flip Flops & Sandals With Arch Support

The flip flop is a staple of warm weather. Many men enjoy wearing flip flops because they are cool, amply ventilated and they are more comfortable to wear than sandals or shoes. In hot and humid weather, flip flops are often the only footwear that can be tolerated. But, what price do you pay for comfort?

Ditch Your Regular Flip Flops

If you frequently wear your flip flops outside of the house and beyond walking around the pool deck, invest in a pair of flip flops that can actually provide you with some support. Regular flip flops are gravely lacking in arch support, cushioning and heel support. They have extremely thin soles that do not offer an ounce of shock of absorption. With every step, the weight of the world and your body, rattles through your bones. Even worse, flip flops are often responsible for body misalignment and poor posture due to the lack of arch support. After days, months and years of wearing flip flops, foot problems like planar fasciitis will start to invade your life all because of flip flops that are far too thin.

Men's Flip Flops With Arch Support

Healthy Feet Store has the solution. From brands like Spenco Yumi, New Balance, Sole and Vionic come support flip flops that offer all of the things you love of about flip flops with features that offset the negative repercussions. These sandals have a few features that help combat the issues with the standard foam flip flop:

  • Strong arch support that provides that little extra bump in the inside of your foot that the arch can rest against. This additional support for the arch of the foot reduces the likelihood of developing stinging pains in the feet.
  • Thick soles for shock absorption and cushioning the joints.
  • Deep heels for supporting the heel of the foot.