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A corn is a type of callus that develops on the foot from an accumulation of dead skin cells. The hard, thickened patch of skin is usually found on the top, sides or tips of the toes, though soft corns can develop between toes. It is possible for friction to cause the corns to inflame, resulting in nerve pain when friction or pressure causes the corn to press down on the nerve below. Therapeutic footwear and foot products can help alleviate pain from corns and are often the first-line therapy for corn pain and callus discomfort. Ointments and other topical solutions have also been shown to slow the onset of dying skin cells in the feet. At, we carry an extensive selection of brand-name corn and callus foot treatment products at highly-affordable prices. As some of our most popular products, our corn and callus solutions are proven to work for people with these foot-related skin conditions at virtually every level of severity. Below, you'll find a list of our corn and callus foot treatment products. Order yours today!

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Most corn and callus products aim to isolate the skin patch to reduce friction and irritation. Corn products for the toes separate toes to prevent them from rubbing together while other callus and bunion products provide an extra layer of cushioning between the irritated area of the foot and shoes. At Healthy Feet Store, we carry a large selection of socks, corn pads, wraps and other products to isolate corns, calluses and bunions for quick relief.

In addition to wearable products like callus pads, we also carry at-home treatment options like specialty creams, trimmers and soaking crystals. Our treatment products will not remove the corn or callus, but can be used to reduce its size or its effects on the foot. Our corn and callus socks and treatments are designed for men or women and are chosen for their effectiveness and affordability. Many of our products are doctor recommended and are made by trusted brand names in the industry.

If you suffer from corns and calluses, browse's large selection of specialty products designed to treat and alleviate the common ailment. Our large selection of corn and callus foot care products are easy to use and are designed for home treatment. Shop now for the best selection, everyday low prices and convenient shipping options.

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