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If your toes are crooked, overlapping, or misshapen; chances are you have clawed toes, mallet toes, or hammertoes. Deformed toe conditions each have a slightly different cause. Some factors that put your feet at risk of developing toe deformities include faulty biomechanics in your walking gait, flatfoot, an inflamed bunion, a very long second toe, diabetic foot problems, and shoes that fit poorly, particularly shoes that are too tight in the toebox.

Are your deformed toes the result of flatfeet?
Correct your stride and relieve your toe pain with Orthotics and Arch Supporting Inserts.

Need shoes that will comfortably fit deformed toes?
View our large selection of Stretchable Shoes and Wound Care Shoes.

Deformed Toe Treatment Recommendations:
Dr. Hurless' advice on the easiest way to avoid these painful toe problems is to make sure you wear shoes with a wide toe box to avoid crowding of the toes. Shoe inserts, orthotics, and products to keep toes separated, such as gel or foam toe separators and toe caps are also effective in providing relief from pain and discomfort.

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