Dr.'s Remedy CALMING Clear - Gel-Performing Top Coat

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Dr.'s Remedy CALMING Clear - Gel-Performing Top Coat

Most popular nail polishes on department store shelves contained harmful chemicals which can be dangerous as well as harmful to your nails. Dr.'s Remedy Enriched, Non-Toxic Nail Polish is not only free of harmful chemicals but is enriched with enamel strengthening vitamins and ingredients like tea tree oil and garlic bulb extract.

Manufacturer's Note: For best results, apply the Basic Base clear base coat, a layer of colored polish, and finish with the Calming Clear sealing top coat. Allow each coat to dry before applying a new layer. Do not attempt to apply polish over the Calming Clear top coat. The top coat has been designed to resist staining and any color applied on top of it will peel soon after application.
  • tea tree oil and garlic bulb extract
  • Enhanced with vitamin C and Vitamin E to strengthen nail enamel
  • Contains wheat protein naturally increase shine
  • Meets the non-toxic nail polish standards
  • Free of: Toxins, Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP (Dibutylphthalate).
  • Safe for pregnant women. Nail polish that won't harm your baby
  • Safe for children - no risk of nail biters ingesting toxic chemicals
  • Ideal for people who have allergic reactions to chemicals in commercial nail polishes
  • Developed by two board certified podiatrists to prevent yellow, brittle nails



  • T Toenail Fungus

* Based on the Features, this product may be appropriate for the listed Foot Conditions.

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