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KidZerts Children's Foot Care Products

KidZerts Children's Insoles: Podiatrist Recommended and an Investment in Future Foot Health

KidZerts Children's Arch Support Insoles are the inserts that should be in all children's shoes because they provide important features that are needed for healthy growing feet. The elements incorporated into the KidZerts Insole design are of great importance in supporting healthy, growing feet: arch support, heel stabilization, and a wear moldable design that conforms to the natural shape of the child’s foot- all of which support a better posture, body alignment and prevent foot fatigue. Podiatrist recommended, KidZerts Arch Supports can encourage and maintain the arch during important growing stages. Constructed of semi-firm rubber, these arch supports reduce foot fatigue, ankle pain, arch pain, and discomfort from flat feet. Many children’s shoes are made with thin foam cutouts that offer no cushioning or structure. KidZerts Children’s Arch Support Insoles are an investment in your child’s future foot health.

KidZerts Arch Support Insoles for Kids have the following features:

  • Podiatrist recommended for healthy growing feet
  • They are the only kid’s insoles on the market that are wear-moldable
  • Wear-moldable support system: Over time, KidZerts insoles will conform to each individual foot for a customized fit as the natural heat of the body increases due to the activity level
  • Anti-bacterial top cover (comes with every pair of KidZerts Insoles) kills over 650 different types of bacteria and helps to eliminate smelly feet and promote foot health
  • Promotes proper alignment and balance
  • Stability provided by established heel cup
  • Reduces foot fatigue, ankle pain, arch pain, and discomfort from flat feet
  • Constructed of semi-firm rubber
  • Podiatrist recommended for healthy growing feet
  • Sold in one pair
Full Length & 3/4 Sizes: 26 (US 9/10) Kids, 28 (US 10.5 - 11.5) Kids, 30 (US 12 - 13) Kids, 32 (US 1 - 1.5) Youth, 34 (US 2 - 3) Youth, 36 (US 4-5) Youth

Heel Cup Sizes: Small (US 13-2) (EU 31-33), Large (US 3-5) (EU 34-36)

KidZerts Children's Insoles Help Improve the Health of Growing Feet

KidZerts children's arch support insoles are podiatrist recommended because they have all the features that are needed for healthy growing feet. As children's feet grow they start looking more and more like adult feet - and as the arch develops, it is crucial that children have the right type of insole to help encourage the arch during this important growth period. KidZerts arch support insoles can be incorporated into your children's shoes to do just that. They’re made out of semi firm rubber and are shaped to mimic the natural contours of the arch and heel areas of the foot. But what really separates KidZerts insoles apart from other children’s insoles is that the fact that they're wear-moldable, which means that over time as a child’s activity level increases, so does the heat within the shoes, allowing KidZerts insoles to conform to each individual foot for a custom fit. All of these features add up to a reduction in foot fatigue, heel pain, ankle pain, arch pain, foot pain and discomfort from flat feet. By wearing KidZerts children's arch support insoles, kids will have better balance and overall posture. KidZerts children's insoles are the inserts that should be in all kids’ shoes.

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